For more than 60 years, Scott Pump has been guided by four core values which we regard as a sacred trust given to us by our company founder. While the products and people have changed, the essence of who we are remains the same. Every day, in every situation, we recommit ourselves to honoring our heritage and upholding these essential ideals:

1) Respect… we recognize the intrinsic worth of each of our employees, customers, suppliers and competitors. We are committed to treating individuals with fairness and dignity. We encourage personal growth by providing opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally.

2) Accountability… we do what we promise and take responsibility for our decisions. We empower our team members to think as managers regardless of their position and value solutions over excuses.

3) Honesty/Integrity… we will not compromise when it comes to operating our business honestly and ethically. We value our reputation above all else and pledge ourselves to adhering to the highest standards of conduct even when it means sacrificing growth or profit.

4) Client Focus… we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve excellence. Everything we do inside the company is geared to this end goal. We believe, without reservation, that when we help others exceed their potential we ourselves will be blessed to reach our own.